Exhibition of Folklore Items “Giannis Atsonios”

At the centre of Artemonas, the picturesque Cycladic settlement north of Apollonia, the Exhibition of Folklore Items “Giannis Atsonios”, under the title “Our houses in the old days” is operating since 2008. It is housed in a building of local, traditional architecture and is shaped like the old Sifnian houses.

Its interior is decorated with traditional furniture, mirrors, opaline lamps, needlework and frames (gravures, photographs, lithographs) and among others you will notice an etagere from 1880, a gramophone from 1900, a cradle from1880 from Istanbul, a radio from the interwar period, traditional costumes, old newspapers, etc.

The most important exhibits of this folklore collection include personal and official documents of the local poet Ioannis Gryparis as well as his couch.

Open summer season only
Daily: 19.00-23.00