"Nikolaos Tselementes" Festival of Cycladic Gastronomy

Dedicated to our national Sifnian chef Nikolaos Tselementes, the Festival of Cycladic Gastronomy that bears his name is one of the most prestigious organisations of Sifnos with an international reputation. It takes place every year in early September and lasts three days.

During the festival, delegations from the rest of the islands of Cyclades as well as one honouree island from the rest of the Aegean meet on the island to present to the public the culinary and cultural particularities and traditions of their homeland.

The festival takes place at the square of Artemonas, where each island has its own pavilion. During its three-day course, there are cooking games for children with both amateur and professional chefs and many other activities such as pottery, basketry, traditional wedding celebration, photography and painting exhibitions, etc.

Daily: from 18.30
Admission: free