Welcome to Sifnos

Welcome to Sifnos

The fourth island of the western Cyclades is a unique destination which you will appreciate only if you discover it for yourself. Sifnos stands out for its beauty, architecture, all-white churches, and its long history that takes us back to Mycenaean times.

It has been given many names during its long history -Meropi, Akis, Sifanos, Sifanto, Astrogonio- owing its present name either to Sifnos, the son of Atticus hero of Sounio and first resident of the island or to the word "sifnos", which means hollow, empty, due to the many galleries on the island as a result of the extended mining activity that occurred in antiquity.

Sifnos is particularly popular to those that seek meticulous quality, elegance, balance and respect for the natural environment -part of the western island actually belongs to the Natura network. Nothing on the island is out of place, as if everything is placed after careful consideration here to fascinate the visitor and bring them back here again and again.

Its picturesque settlements with all-white streets and whitewashed joints, the houses of Cycladic architecture with colourful details at the doors and windows and the bougainvilleas, the characteristic corners of the island, each of which conceals its own beauty. From Apollonia (capital of the island) and Kastro (the first capital of the island), until Artemonas (one of the best preserved villages) and Kamares (Sifnos port) you will realise that it is no coincidence that the internationally famous and prestigious "National Geographic" has ranked Sifnos –with French Polynesia, Dutch Antilles, Bahamas, Seychelles and other exotic destinations- among the top ten of the most beautiful and exotic islands in the world.

It is also famous for its gastronomy. Birthplace of Nikolaos Tselementes, our "national" chef who first published a book with traditional recipes, it is famous for its chickpea soup and caper salad, mastelo and melopita (honey-pie mainly served during Easter), dishes that you will taste almost in every traditional tavern. Rest assured that you will have a great meal in Sifnos.

Let’s not forget the art of pottery, another unique characteristic of the island, as this art is one of the oldest ones exercised in Sifnos. It is a tradition that is still alive even today, through the few but remarkable pottery workshops on the island.

The island might not have paradisiac beaches, but you will find locations for diving that will really amaze you and activities to spend your free time pleasantly. As for its nightlife, it is relatively quiet with atmospheric bars for relaxing drinks, popping up in the picturesque alleys of the settlements.

Sifnos indeed has it all. In its own way, of course. This is why it is unlike any other island. This is why it has recurring tourism. This is why it is considered deservedly one of the most beautiful islands in Cyclades.