The most famous beach on the island when it comes to the entertainment offered to its bathers and a favourite choice of the young people, Banana beach is located in the south-western part of Skiathos and close to Koukounaries.

Basically, there are two coasts, Megali and Mikri Banana –the bay was formerly called Krassas- which can be reached by car taking the road that reaches the coast (one part of the road is dirt and a steep downhill). If you choose the public transportation, keep in mind that you will have to walk a bit from the bus stop.

The beaches are characterised by golden sand, crystal clear waters and tall pine trees that almost reach the coast, while Megali Banana is famous for the extravagant parties organised at the beach bar operating here from noon until evening. It also features the possibility for water sports.

By contrast, the rhythms in Mikri Banana are more chilled out, while the coast since the 70s is a nudist spot.