Welcome to Skiathos

Welcome to Skiathos

Skiathos, the busiest island of Sporades and the closest one to the land, is a classic choice for holidays that combine the lush richness of nature with the stunning beaches and the vibrant beach and nightlife.

Birthplace and place of living of the great Greek writer Alexandros Papadiamantis, it is greatly endowed with the grandeur of nature and is famous for some of the most beautiful and popular beaches of both the Sporades archipelago and the Aegean Sea.

Skiathos covers an area of 48 sq. km. and has only one main settlement, the Town of Skiathos in the southeastern part of the island where the main port is located and through which most people reach the island. There is located also the busiest pedestrian street of Papadiamanti –owing its name to the Greek writer because his origin-, the picturesque Old Port with its famous "cushions" and the small peninsula of Bourtzi, the Old Town with its characteristics alleys. In Skiathos’ Town you will also find the most famous options for dining and entertainment, while the major hotels are located mainly outside the Town.

However, what definitely distinguishes the most photographed island of Sporades is none other than its famous beaches, covering all tastes. Being a flagship and (almost) synonymous with Skiathos, Koukounaries beach comes first in popularity (famous for Koukounaries Wetland, one of the main attractions of the island and member of the network Natura 2000), followed by Lalaria (accessed only by boat), Banana, Vromolimnos, Agia Eleni, Xanemos, Megalos and Mikros Aselinos etc.

Rest assured that a trip to Skiathos will bring you one step closer to nature, as the island is lush green –whichever route you choose, you will see that it is "embraced" by the natural wealth characterizing it- offering you images of unparalleled beauty that will remain unforgettable.

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