Excursion to Hydra

The trip from Spetses to Hydra, one of the most majestic islands in the Saronic Gulf, takes 30-45 minutes. So, do not miss the opportunity to visit this historic place, which today is a reference point for the jet set -not only from Greece but also from abroad.

The first thing you will see is the traditional stone buildings with red tiled roofs, forming a semi-circle embracing the old port, living proof of the glorious history of the island.

You can get around here on foot or on the famous donkeys, as the island is preserved and and motor vehicles are prohibited. After admiring the beautiful Old Port, head for the oldest district on the island, Kiafa. Then, visit the Museum with documents from the Revolution, go passed the Kountouriotis, Miaoulis, Tobazis, Kriezis, Voulgaris and Tsamadon mansions which are typical examples of the local architecture. Finally, visit some of the arty exhibitions organized on the island.

Walk up to the Periptero with its characteristically large canons and continue toward Kaminia. Take a photograph in front of the statue of Miaoulis with the bastion on the other side of the coast road. The Monastery of the Assumption in the port and the church of Saint John the Faster. There are beautiful cafes and restaurants on the cobbled streets for a pleasant break.

Near the port of Hydra, and easily accessible on foot, are Spilia, Hydronetta, Avlaki and Mandraki beaches. For elsewhere, it is necessary to get a sea taxi, boat or donkey.

The one way ticket on the flying dolphin to Hydra costs €11/person.