Excursion to Epidavros

The historic area of Epidavros in the Argolida prefecture is well-known. It owes its reputation to the famous ancient theater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the ancient Greek plays performed here. However, Epidavros was known in the late 5th century and early 4th century BC for the sanctuary of Asklipios, while during the Turkish occupation two significant national assemblies took place here.

If you happen to be there to attend a theatrical play in the summer, do not forget to visit the rest of the region and admire the picturesque harbor in Old Epidavros, the church of Panagia Polemarha surrounded by beautiful olive tress and Ligourio village with the Vasilis Kotsiomitis Museum of Natural History. It is worth knowing that the surrounding area is famous for its taverns serving juicy meat.

If you want something more alternative, you can go on a hike organized by the association of climbing nature lovers (tel. +30 210 9807093).

To reach Epidavros from Spetses, go across to Porto Heli and from there take a bus (one way ticket: €6/person), unless you have a car in Kosta.