Hatzianargyros Residence

Hatzianargyros Residence is within walking distance of Spetses Town Hall and is one of the most stunning mansions on the island.

It was built in the late 18th century by Anargyros Hatzi Anargyros. The ancestor of the great Anargyros family, considered to be the most highly respected on the island in the late 18th century. With a long naval tradition, he built five sailing ships. After his death in 1814, the Hatzianargyros Residence, one of the many which belong to the Anargyros family members in the neighborhood, had his second son, Pavlos. Pavlos, along with his brothers, Anagnostis and Andreas, not only kept their father's fleet, but also increased it by building new ships. With the introduction of steam, the family's maritime strength suffered a serious setback and quickly diminished.

The Hatzianargyros Residence was passed down to Nikolaos Anargyros in 1880, one of the five sons of Pavlos. Nikolaos gave it to his daughter, Chrysoula, who married Christos Zappas, as a dowry. The Zappas couple lost all their money and Chrysoula in her will, left the mansion to Ioulia, the widow of her cousin, Dimitris Anargyros and his children, Maria, Orestis and Andreas. Today the house, which has been deemed preserved by the Greek state, belongs to Orestis' son, Dimitris, and Andreas' daughter, Danae, wife of Ioannis Fokas.