Bouboulinas Museum

Located in the center, just a few steps from the port of Dapia, Bouboulinas Museum was founded in 1991 by great, great, great, great grandson, Mr Philip Demertzis-Bouboulis, in his attempt to save the mansion from collapse.

The building which houses the museum was built at the end of the 17th century by a Moorish architect and was the house where the national heroine lived. If you look from above, the outline is shaped in a Greek Π. This shape denotes the importance of the owner at that time as notable people had such shaped houses then.

The interior has a ground floor and two further floors. An exterior stone staircase connects the front garden with the first floor where the museum is housed. The area open to visitors on the first floor consists of a Grand Hall, Dining Room, Reception Room, and a Room with a fireplace. You can see interesting objects that have survived, furniture and other items reflecting the era in the four impressive rooms.

"...before her the cowards felt ashamed and the brave retreated", those are the words of the great historian I. Filimon, to describe Bouboulina. Originally from Hydra, strong and brave, she had a significant place in the history of the 1821 Revolution. She was born in a prison in Constantinople on 11 March 1771 while her mother, Skevo, was visiting her dying husband, Stavrianos Pinotsis, imprisoned by the Turks. Pinotsis' arrest and imprisonment was a result of his active participation in the revolution of the Peloponese in 1769-70, known in history as Orloffians. In the course of her personal life, she married twice. First at the age of 17 to Dimitrios Yiannouzas and second at the age of 30 to Dimitrios Bouboulis. Both of her husbands, captains from Spetses, were killed in action by Barberian pirates, who were much feared at that time. She had 7 children.

Her contribution to the Greek Revolution established her as having a strong personality at that time. On 13 March 1821, after years of preparation, Bouboulina rose her own flag -an eagle with an anchor and phoenix- on the mast of Agamemnon (her ship) and welcomed the canons in front of the port of Spetses. It is worth noting that she was the only woman member who was accepted into the Society of Friends.

Open summer season only
Daily: Morning: 09.45, 10.30, 11.15, 12.00, 12.45, 13.30, 14.15. Afternoon: 15.45, 16.30, 17.15, 18.00, 18.45, 19.30, 20.15 (25 March-28 October)
€6, €4 (students), €2 (pupils 6-18 years)