Smart Tips in Spetses

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Most of the beaches on the island are accessible by land. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to take a dip at most of them (Agoi Anargyri, Anargyreos...


Horse-drawn Carriage Ride

The more romantic types visiting Spetses should definitely take a ride in a traditional horse-drawn carriage to discover and unveil the beauty of the island....


Accommodation during Armata

Those who choose to visit Spetses during the second weekend in September, that is, during the Armata celebration, should be prepared to be charged more for...


Island Tour

Those of you who are interested in touring the island (most do so by bicycle as opposed to other means) should know that there is an easily accessible 26 Km...


Best View

There are several spots on Spetses where you can enjoy views of both the Saronic Gulf and the city, as well as other interesting places.



The island is renowned for its famous signature fish a la Spetsiota dish. It is a local recipe in which fish is cooked and served with tomato sauce.


When to Visit

The tourist season on Spetses lasts from April to October. The ideal time to visit the island is in September, specifically the second weekend when the...



Bringing cars to Spetses is prohibited. Therefore, should you choose to come by road you will have to leave your car at a car park in kosta.


Did you know...

Spetses was called "Pitiousa" during antiquity, that is full of pines? Its current name derives from the Venetians who gave the island the name Isola de...

Old Port


Nightlife on Spetses revolves mainly around the Old Port. Stylish bar-restaurants, atmospheric bars and loud clubs make their individual mark in the area....