Things to do in Spetses

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Island Tour on Bicycle

It is really worth taking a tour of the island on a bicycle as it is one of the most popular means of transport. The 26 km road is paved and easily...



The Spetsathlon is the newest athletic institution to take place on Spetses with the first event held in April 2013. The co-organizers of this impressive...


Spetses mini Marathon

The Spetses Mini Marathon takes place in mid-October every year since 2011. This international race attracts athletes and non-athletes from Greece and abroad...


Nautilus Moto

If you want to rent a bicycle, ATV (quad bike) or moped, head for Nautilus Moto in Agios Mamas on Spetses. It is well-established regarding vehicles. You...


Bike Center

The best way of moving around in the center of Spetses as well as reach the Old Port and the Scholes districts is none other than by bicycle. So, hop on a...


Easter on Spetses

If you happen to be on Spetses during Easter, you will have the chance to see up close and be part of the celebrations on Bouboulina's island. On Good...

Excursion to Poros

This is the only island in the country with a masculine name and is 1.5 hours from Spetses by flying dolphin. It is the ideal choice for a day trip.


Spetses Classic Yacht Race

Known as the "International Classic Yacht & Traditional Boat Race", it was launched in 2011 by the Yacht Club of Greece (race organizer) and the historic...

Excursion to Porto Heli

With easy access to Porto Heli by sea, it is worth taking a day trip to this famous place in the Saronic peninsula. With internationally renowned luxury...

Excursion to Hydra

The trip from Spetses to Hydra, one of the most majestic islands in the Saronic Gulf, takes 30-45 minutes. So, do not miss the opportunity to visit this...



The Armata is one of the most popular festivals on Spetses and takes place every year on the second weekend of September. Apart from the celebrations of the...


Horse Carriages

For a more traditional way of getting around, you can get a horse carriage for a romantic ride to beaches. What could be more delightful than discovering the...

Excursion to Epidavros

The historic area of Epidavros in the Argolida prefecture is well-known. It owes its reputation to the famous ancient theater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,...



One of the favorites of young people, specifically ATV vehicles -also known as quad bikes- are a good alternative for getting around Spetses.