Welcome to Spetses

Welcome to Spetses

One of the most majestic islands in the Saronic Gulf, Spetses, is famous for its glorious naval tradition, remarkable and unique culture. At a distance of 50 nautical miles from Piraeus, it can be reached in just 2 hours from the largest port in the country as well as by road via Kosta.

Known as "Pitionisos" and "Pitiousa" in antiquity, it owes its current name to the sailors of the Middle Ages. During the Greek Revolution from 1821-1832, it played a leading role andit was one of the first islands to revolt against the Turks along with Hydra and Psara. At that time, two of the most significant personalities emerged from the island, Laskarina Bouboulina and Andreas Miaoulis.

There are few (the island occupies an area of 22.5 beaches here, great choices as far as entertainment is concerned, as well as stunning landscapes whose images will remain forever etched in your memory. It is no coincidence that this island is the Athenians' favorite destination for short breaks.

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