Ano Syros
Ano Syros

Myths and stories have assisted in keeping the memory of the Castle alive over the years, which in the past, was originally located in Ano Syros. Built on a hill, Ano Syros is mostly inhabited by those of the Catholic faith, and is home to the Cathedral of Agiou Georgiou, otherwise known as San Giorgio, on the top of a medieval village.

One of the main attractions in the village of Ano Syros is the Monastery of Kapoutsinon - which houses the only orthodox churches in Ano Syros - consisting of the church of Agiou Ioanni, the church of Agias Triadas and the church of Agiou Nikolaou tou Ftochou. Another main attraction is the Monastery of the Jesuits which houses the Church of Panagias tis Karmilou, and of course the Museum of Markos Vamvakari, who was a famous musician and descendant of the region.

Ano Syros' plethora of captivating and picturesque 'stegadia' (walkways) will take you on a journey that you will not want to end. Side-by-side colorful matchbox houses and tiny balconies overflowing with perfectly pink bougainvillea flowers, make for an unforgettable charming setting.