Beaches & Beach Bars in Syros

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Agathopes Beach

Syros' cosmopolitain beach, Agathopes, is located about 15km southwest of Ermoupoli, and positioned just after Posidonia (Delagratsia). Here you'll be able...


Delfini Beach

With a great layout and walking distance from Kini Village, sandy Delfini beach is an ideal chill out spot. It's about a 15 minute drive from the island's...


Foinikas Beach

11km from Syros' capital, Ermoupoli, you'll come across the beach in Foinikas Village, located in the southwestern part of the island. Foinikas beach has...


Galissas Beach

A well organised and sandy beach, located 9km away from Ermoupoli in the southwestern part of the island, Galissas is a great spot to have a coffee or a bite...


Komito Beach

A short 1km trip from Agathopes Beach, Komito is a well established beach and an ideal choice for those with families, or for those seeking a charming and...

Megas Gialos

Megas Gialos

Megas Gialos is located in the southern part of the island and is a seaside village between the settlements of Vari and Poseidonia.The long sandy beach...


Kokkina Beach

Just 1km beyond Foinika Beach and about 12km southwest of Ermoupoli, Kokkina Beach welcomes you in its warm embrace, as it is well protected from the...


Azolimnos Beach

A calm and family-oriented beach in southwestern Syros, Azolimnos is situated around 11km from Ermoupoli. Sandy, no fuss and with a great layout, it's an...

Inaccessible and Wild Beaches

Fancy visiting the island's untapped beaches and coves? It's definitely worth it, that's for sure. The speedboat "Perla" from Kini will get you to the cove...



Here you'll find a sandy beach fully equipped with beach lounges and umbrellas, and a suitable environment for those with disabilities. Vari is located 8km...


Lotos beach

A small and sandy beach situated right next to Kini Beach, Lotos is a wonderuflly peaceful and romantic spot.


Asteria Beach

Asteria is the closest beach to Ermoupoli, located just below Agio Nikolao. With gorgeous crystal clear waters, this beach evokes memories of the Italian...


Kini Beach

The namesake beach located in a stunning little picturesque fishing village, about 15 minutes drive from the island's capital, Ermoupoli, offers its own...