Be charmed by the streets of the unique capital of the Cycladic Islands, Syros, and immerse yourself in a step-by-step visual color-feast in the island's centre, Ermoupoli. Ermoupoli's historical legacy draws balance between two cultures and religions, embracing those who share both Orthodox and Catholic beliefs.

Upon entering Syros' port you are greeted by its main road, Eleftherios Venizelos. Here you'll find the famous City Hall in Miaoulis Square, designed by Ernst Ziller, the striking Apollo Theatre, the Cultural Centre, the Municipal Gallery, the Historial Archives, Greece's first gymnasium, and the picturesque waterfront quarter, Vaporia.

Delicately drenched in pastel colors, noble Ermoupoli's impressive cafes, restaurants, and walkways will seduce even the most well-traveled eyes, trumping the Aegean's beautiful trails with ease.

As we turn back time and unravel the thread of history, we enter Syros' 360 year Venetian occupation commencing in 1207, where the mass of the population has been converted to Catholicism. In 1821, the Greek Revolution triggered a widespread repatriation of the Greeks from the shores of Asia Minor, Chios, and Crete, who not only found refuge in Syros, but also an opportunity to rebuild the Cycladic island as the administrative and economic centre of the newly established Greek state.