Exhibition of Historical Memory
Exhibition of Historical Memory
Exhibition of Historical Memory
Exhibition of Historical Memory

The Exhibition of Historical Memory with relics of Syros' past are revived was launched simultaneously with the completion of 80 years of continuous presence of units and services of the Greek Army in Syros. Hosted at the Army base of Captain Zaphiri Apostolou and implemented by the Department of Marine Sciences in Ermoupoli under the supervision of the Chief Colonel of Infantry, Dimitris Bountalis and under the custody of the archaeologist and doctoral student of archeology, Lefteris Zorzos.

The buildings that house the camp were erected after the catastrophe of Asia Minor by the Near East Relief organisation, in order to accommodate for the thousands of orphans who arrived in Greece. The report presents the chronological and thematic development of the site from the time when it was the largest orphanage in the Mediterranean which was housed in a juvenile reform centre until it was used as an Army base from 1934 to this day.

The first section presents rare photographs and personal items found inside the wooden floors of the orphanage. The buildings are a unique monument of cultural heritage and a timeless symbol of multiculturalism. For this reason, the report is presented in Greek and in English - and also translated into Armenian as a tribute to the thousands of children and their teachers who coexisted harmoniously with Greek children in these areas.

Among the personal items found inside the floors are notes, data recordings and games, such as improvised game pieces made out of dishes and many parts of clothes.

Open all year round
Daily: 08.00-14.00 (on demand)
Admission: free