The Church of Anastasios

Perched on the top of Dili hill since 1877, the Church of Anastasios was the work of the Municipality of Ermoupoli's architect, Dimitris Eleftheriadis. The church was dedicated to the "Anastasi tou Ethnous", meaning "The Resurrection of the Nation".

It was initially opened in 1880, but later launched with the ancient relics of Agios Platonas in 1908 by Bishop Athanasios Leventopoulos of Syros.

The church has been built in a Byzantine style with a crossed-shaped floor plan and dome. The bell towers were constructed in 1915-1916, thanks to the great benefactors Sotirios and Theodoros Pagalos. The interior is separated by arches and pillars in three sections: a temple, Ionic columns, a carved wooden lectern (a replica of the lectern housed in the Church of Agiou Nikoalou), and a throne.