"A flare, a flame, I have in my heart, as if you've put a spell on me, Sweet Frangosyriani" said the Greek Rembetiko Musician and Songwriter, Markos Vamvakaris. Since 1935 to this day, countless mouths have sung these poignant lyrics with the beautiful Syros as their seductress and their muse.

It's safe to say that the picturesque waterfront quarter Vaporia is perhaps the most beautiful and enchanting spot on the island. It is renowned as the most prestigious and noble district of Syros, and is a neighbourhood with highly magnetic qualities, drawing visitors back time and time again. Vaporia's stand-out site is the idyllic and beautiful blue dome of Agiou Nikolaou tou Plousiou, while the meticulously well-preserved mansions are an absolute must see. They are guaranteed to elicit great admiration and awe as grand architectural marvels.

Historically, the first bourgeois families (Rallis, Rodokanakis, Petrokokkinou, Psycha, Kalvokoresi and Mavrogordatou to name a few) who belonged to the higher echelons of the local society lived in this part of the island, which was considered to be the best area in terms of living standards. The houses in the area belong to the three generations who share this lineage. Few from the first generation (from around 1840) survive to this day, yet the story surrounding the lineage and the houses is preserved and is maintains its place as the social bread and butter.

When you come to Vaporia, don't hesitate to dedicate the time to it that it deserves. Take a stroll, enjoy the view of the striking blue dome and surrender to the gentle breeze. Only then can you truly understand that here, time magically stops and transports its surroundings to a new grand and fairytale-like dimension.

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