Welcome to Syros

Welcome to Syros

Syros is an island located in the Cycladic Islands. Its capital, Ermoupoli is home to the South Aegean Region of Greece's headquarters. You can reach it either by boat, which is about 3.5 hours from the port of Piraeus, or from Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos, which is a 35 minute plane trip.

This is one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades and even in Greece, and it really is no exaggeration considering that Syros has consistently provided both Greek and foreign visitors with lessons of history and culture. In 1207, it was occupied by the Venetians. After 360 years of occupation, most of the population converted to Catholicism. During the Revolution of 1821, many Greeks from the shores of Asia Minor, Chios, Psara and Crete sought permanent refuge on the island, turning Syros in to the economic and administrative centre of the newly established Greek state. This shift is indicative of Syros' multiculturalism, and its harmonious balance between the Catholic and Orthodox faiths.

To this day Syros thrives even during the most difficult times. It stands as a leader amongst regions, and is constantly the first region to reach new heights. This is evident when we review that Greece's first hospital was established in 1823 in Ermoupoli, as was Greece's first high school in 1833, and not to mention that Greece's first steamboat was built in Syros in 1854. Ermoupoli was also declared as the safest city in Greece in 2003. Additionally, Syros is becoming the most powerful industrial trading centre in the country. Its impressive architecture draws in visitors from all parts of the globe, and prominent architects and engineers frequent Syros as a destination as source of creativity.

Nowadays, the headquarters of major public services are housed here. The first image that you will see upon arrival is the port of Syros which faces the beautiful capital, Ermoupoli. Its charming villages, which are a main attraction, transport you to the glamour of the past, while the rugged and tranquil beaches offer visitors a myriad of options. From Ano Syros to the aristocratic Vaporia, Syros will surely captivate and seduce those who dedicate the time to it.

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