1 day in Thessaloniki for families

1 day in Thessaloniki for families

Thessaloniki is mostly associated with a romantic trip with your significant other or even with solo escapes, however the Nymph of Thermaikos is also ideal for those of you traveling with your family.

The beautiful city of the North has everything that a modern traveller would need, especially families. If you only have only one day at your disposal, you can see as a family the basic, so that the next time you visit it, you will have the chance to see even more. 

The day begins with a walk along the waterside Nikis Avenue, while a stop at the White Tower, the city's landmark, is called for. Your visit here, in fact, becomes even more enjoyable for the whole family with the help of the audio-visual material used during the tour. Don't forget to climb up to the top, to enjoy the panoramic city views as a family. 

Continue your stroll until Nea Paralia with the various theme parks. Your little companions will love the activities with which they can be occupied. Head to Kalamaria and Xalaro to enjoy value for money dishes based on original recipes with chicken.  

Take the bus to the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping centre and indulge in a family shopping therapy. You can also take a break for coffee at one of the cafes located both inside and outside the mall. Just across from it, there is the Magic Park (open Friday-Sunday), an amazing amusement park with fun games for all ages.  

Upon returning downtown, head to Aristotelous Square. At Savvikos grill, you will enjoy juicy meat creations, while your children play in the large pedestrianised square.