1 day in Thessaloniki for couples

1 day in Thessaloniki for couples

If one Greek city is ideal for travelling with your partner, this is definitely Thessaloniki. Its romantic aura predisposes for a city break filled with romance and unforgettable moments with your significant other. 

Those of you who chose a one-day trip will move downtown, where the options for beautiful moments with your partner are not at all limited. 

Start your day with an aromatic coffee at Paraty in Ladadika. One of the most unique places in the city, where you will sense its character, love, passion, and unparalleled decoration from the very first moments. Inspiration stars in each corner and the visitor feels like being in a two-story house that embraces anyone who stands out for their aesthetics. 

Descend towards Nikis Avenue and take a romantic walk by the sea. With the waters of the Thermaic Gulf accompanying you in every step, you will reach the renovated Nea Paralia with the various theme parks. For panoramic views of the city, "climb" up the top floor of the White Tower and enjoy the scenery that lies at your feet. 

It is lunch time and your destination is none other than Canteen at Diagonios, an all-day option with Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Aristotelous Square seems like a great choice for your afternoon walk. After being photographed with the imposing buildings-landmarks of Ziller as your backdrop, take a walk on Tsimiski, Mitropoleos, and Proxenou Koromila streets and make one of the most beautiful gifts for your partner. 

The dinner calls for romance and in Thessaloniki you will live it to the fullest. Les Zazous in Kalamaria with the amazing location, besides the views of Thermaikos Gulf and the city, also stands out for its unique proposals of creative modern Greek cuisine.

The night finds you once again downtown, for a delicious cocktail at Vogatsikou 3, one of the most talked about and successful bars in Thessaloniki.