2 days in Thessaloniki for senior travellers

2 days in Thessaloniki for senior travellers

Day 1

Start your day with a relaxed stroll in Aristotelous Square. Admire the impressive Electra and Olympion landmarks and head down to Nikis Avenue and walk along the Thermaikos waterfront. Stop for coffee at the all time classic Achillion, which has been one of the locals' and visitors' favorite haunts for more than 50 years. Walk towards the White Tower to enrich your knowledge of the city's history through its museum exhibition. If you have the courage, climb the steps to the top from where the view is truly amazing. Afterwards, visit the Archaeological Museum, opposite XANTH Square (Young Christians Association of Thessaloniki), and then head to the Diagonios district for a meal at Canteen, an industrial design restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine. Wrap up the day with a glass of wine at the OTE Tower cafe bar, on the site of TIF (Thessaloniki International Fair).

Day 2

Get on board the Cultural Bus Line (No. 50) for a tour of the major historical and cultural sights. The terminal is very close to the White Tower. The 1 hour tour will take you around attractions such as Agia Sophia, Aristotelous Square, the Old City Hall, Agios Dimitrios, Ano Poli etc. After that, head to the Museum of Byzantine Culture on Stratou Avenue, with its impressive exhibits focusing on the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period. Take a break to enjoy an aromatic coffee in one of the cafes on Mitropoleos Street, where the heart of the city's commercial center beats strong. For dinner, choose any of the taverns in Ladadika (Fri for delicacies from the island of Kasos and Palace for traditional Greek cuisine). At the end of the day, visit Domatio me Thea (Room with a View) on the rooftop of the Olympion in Aristotelous Square for a glass of wine.