3 days in Thessaloniki for couples

3 days in Thessaloniki for couples

Day 1

Get ready to live your fairy tale in the Maiden of the Thermaikos, starting with coffee accompanied by delicious brioches in the French bistrot cafe, Mon Frere. Walk up to Aristotelous Square and take some pictures in front of the imposing Electra and Olympion buildings. Continue your stroll along the the Thermaikos coast, following Nikis Avenue up to the White Tower, on top of which you will enjoy a panoramic view of Thessaloniki. At dinner time, choose B restaurant in the Museum of Byzantine Culture, which is a few meters away. Rap up your day in Kalamaria, and more specifically at Shark bar restaurant by the sea, where the 30 somethings hang out almost daily, for a drink or a romantic dinner, (reservation is required for dining).

Day 2

Start your day in the best possible way by enjoying the panoramic view of the Thermaikos and Thessaloniki from Ano Poli. To get there, we suggest you take the Cultural Bus Line (No. 50) which will take you on a tour around the city's major historical and cultural sights (Agia Sophia, Agios Dimitrios, Aristotelous Square, the Rotunda etc.). After coming back to the city center, visit the outdoor florists in Louloudadika and the traditional Modiano and Kapani markets. For dinner, head to the port warehouses where the Kitchen Bar offers an idyllic sunset on a plate.

Day 3

Give yourself and your partner the luxury moments you deserve. Contact Excellent Travel for a ride around the city in a luxurious limo. Continue with a shopping spree on the commercial Tsimiski, Mitropoleos and Proxenou Koromila streets. Take a break at the all day Nooon, at the junction between Mitropoleos Street and Karolou Dil Street, and get ready for a feast by the sea at the amazing Les Zazous (which also serves sushi), in Kalamaria. It may by a little far from the center, but it's worth a visit. For evening coffee try the cafe on top of the OTE Tower, at the Thessaloniki International Fair. Its rotating floor offers a breathtaking 360 degree view from Ano Poli to Kalamaria. Later on, relax listening to jazz music and tasting some of the finest wines at Coq au Zen, on Valaoritou Street.