3 days in Thessaloniki for families

3 days in Thessaloniki for families

Day 1

Begin your day with a stroll around Aristotelous Square, where the adults can enjoy coffee while the children play on the pavement. A visit to the White Tower will introduce you to the city's history, which is enjoyable for the whole family through the use of audiovisual media. Later, take the Cultural Bus Line (No. 50) for a tour around the city's major historical and cultural attractions (Agia Sofia, Agios Dimitrios, the Rotunda etc.) up to Ano Poli. For lunch or dinner, go to one of the taverns in Aristotelous Square or on Katouni pedestrian Street in Ladadika.

Day 2

The day begins with an educational visit to the Noesis Science Center and Technology Museum with its impressive Planetarium and the 3D Simulator. From there, head east to Mediterranean Cosmos Mall, which is located on the way to the airport and is ideal for those who visit Thessaloniki with families. There you can choose to sit at one of the restaurants or cafes, or watch a movie at the multiplex cinema. Directly opposite the mall, is Magic Park, an amusement park with fun rides for all ages.

Day 3

Head to Thessaloniki's suburban forest, also known as Sheikh Sou, on the south and southwestern slopes of Hortiatis mountain, where the diverse species of flora and fauna will fascinate the whole family. You should have enough time to get to know every corner. If you want to enrich your knowledge regarding the country's sporting history, visit the unique Olympic Museum. Its exhibits are based on the motto "body, mind and soul" and stand out for their sporting, historical and cultural orientation. Afterwards, head east to Kalamaria, where you can dine on fresh fish and seafood in the famous fish restaurants, with the Aretsou Marina in the background.