3 days in Thessaloniki for senior travellers

3 days in Thessaloniki for senior travellers

Undoubtedly, Thessaloniki is an ideal destination for everyone, for any age, and for any traveller, who wants to escape from everyday life and enjoy quality moments alone or with company. The same applies to those that belong to the age group of 60 and above. 

If you belong to this target group, and you have three days to spend in the Nymph of Thermaikos, check out what you can do to gain beautiful and unforgettable new experiences.  



Day 1

Start your first day in Thessaloniki with a coffee at Paradosiako, in Aristotelous Square and admire the impressive surrounding Electra and Olympion buildings. Continue with a walk along Nikis Avenue and head towards the White Tower, and afterwards the Archaeological Museum for a rendezvous with history. Take a break and enjoy a light lunch at Canteen and then indulge in window shopping at the central Tsimiski, Mitropoleos and Proxenou Koromila streets. A dessert from the model bakery-patisserie Ble is just what you need to recharge your energy. The much-photographed Ladadika with mezze and a cold beer at Zithos is the perfect ending to your first day.


Day 2

Daios Food Bar Restaurant of the eponymous hotel is an excellent choice to start your second day in Thessaloniki, welcoming you from early in the morning to its cosy and elegant area for coffee and breakfast overlooking the amazing views of Thermaikos Gulf. Shortly after the White Tower, you will find the starting point of the Cultural Bus line (No 50) of OASTH, which will tour you to the most historical and cultural monuments of Thessaloniki (Agia Sofia, Aristotelous Square, Agios Dimitrios, Ano Poli, Vlatadon Monastery, Rotunda, etc) in approximately 1 hour. Make a stop in Ano Poli, where, after admiring the view from the Walls, Tsinariou Square welcomes you into its friendly taverns. In the afternoon, go for a relaxing coffee at Domatio me Thea, on the 5th floor of Olympion in Aristotelous Square, and wrap up your day with a delightful dinner at the all-time classic Clochard, with suggestions from the modern Mediterranean cuisine. 


Day 3

A coffee overlooking Thermaikos Gulf is always an ideal way to start your day. Visit B. cafe-restaurant (the first cafe-restaurant housed in a Greek museum) located on the premises of the Museum of Byzantine Culture. If you have the time, don't forget to visit the Museum's halls, where you will be able to get a clear picture of Byzantine culture through exhibits that focus on Byzantine and Post-byzantine period. From there, walk along Nea Paralia till you reach Thessaloniki Concert Hall and watch up close the various theme parks that capture the public’s interest. Take the bus to Nea Krini and Aretsou Marina for a meal with fresh fish and seafood by the sea. Return downtown for a delicious dessert (at Konstantinidis patisserie you will enjoy the most amazing millefeuille, while at Papillon Colore you will find an excellent range of chocolates). Bid adieu to the beautiful Nymph of Thermaikos with a last panoramic city view from the OTE Tower café-bar located on the site of TIF (Thessaloniki International Fair).