60min Escape Rooms
60min Escape Rooms

At 24 Kallidopoulou Street, there is a dark house, built somewhere in the early 1950s. Unlike other similar houses, there resides... the mystery! This is another "haunted" house, as the introduction suggests, in which the new alternative entertainment is housed, and after fascinating the European and American public, it is now found in Greece. This is none other than the Escape Room.

60min Escape Rooms is the only interactive escape room of the city, now famous for the most realistic themed rooms, since they feature several adventure elements and the rooms turn from static to interactive. A group of 2-6 people are locked inside one of the rooms and, within 60 minutes, they must solve the mystery to find the key to the exit.

Six different rooms, each with its own story, await you to test your skills. Will you escape within 60 minutes?

You can also visit 60min Escape Rooms official website to discover the first interactive online game called The 8 (, which challenges you to put together the pieces of a puzzle and discover the city’s secret. 

Open all year round