This bakery-patisserie will definitely attract your interest. The Albeta chain stands out for its Greek-Italian temperament, because here you will find a wide variety of Greek and Italian recipes, prepared with great care and fresh ingredients from the Greek countryside combined with Italian culinary culture.

It has a great range of freshly baked bread, handmade pies, pizzelle (Italian dessert with apricot jam, plum jam or praline chocolate) pastries with apple, pear, apricot or pineapple and classic French croissants filled with butter or chocolate.

At the main shop on the corner of Ionos Dragoumi Street and Mitropoleos Street you can start your day with a hearty breakfast of eggs and French toast, bread with jam, waffles and omelettes or a lunch of salads, hot sandwiches and savory tarts.

Its simple yet delicious flavors guarantee the satisfaction of even the most discerning palate.

Open all year round
Sunday-Thursday: 07.00-23.00, Friday-Saturday: 07.00-03.00