Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Within about 10 minutes’ walk from Aristotelous square, the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum is a must see, if you want to get a complete picture of the city's rich history.

The building which houses the museum, designed by the architect Patroklos Karantinos, was inaugurated in 1962 and is one of the foremost examples of modern Greek architectural trends.

During your visit you will see findings from the wider area of Thessaloniki and surrounding areas, through which the civilization of Macedonia is presented from the beginning of prehistoric times up to late antiquity. After its renovation, the museum today hosts five thematic exhibitions which "narrate" the history of ancient Macedonia and its culture.

The new permanent exhibition of the museum, found outdoors, opened its doors on 12 September 2014, and it is called "Memory and... Stones". It is an exhibition with antiquities made of stone that have been found in excavations in Thessaloniki as well as in other areas around it, most of them dating back to the imperial years (1st-3rd century A.D). A specially designed space has also been created where you can attend educational courses featuring simulation of excavations and stone sculpting workshops.

Inside the museum you will also find cafe Antique, where you can have a delightful break.

Open all year round
Daily: 08.00-20.00 (12 April- 11 November), 09.00-16.00 (12 November- 31 March)
€4 (1 November- 31 March), €8, €4 (reduced)