Bit Bazaar

Between El. Venizelou Street and Olympou Street, Bit Bazaar Square and the surrounding streets (namely Tositsa and Karbola) arouse nostalgia with their authentic atmosphere, unblemished by mass tourism and technology. It is famous for its antique shops, old bookstores, second hand shops and a small handful of galleries.

A total of 30 stores are reminiscent of an era which unfortunately is now long gone. Once you are here, open the "treasure chest" (which contains nothing more than people in the neighborhood) and listen carefully to the stories they have to tell. Bit Bazaar has been in operation since 1928 and is one of the parts of the city really worth exploring.

At night, Bit Bazaar Square is flooded by the city's young people who relax here drinking wine and eating mezes in the countless taverns.