Gelati e Amore

If it is authentic Italian ice-cream that you're after, go to gelateria Gelati e Amore on Alexandrou Svolou St., near Navarinou square and pedestrian street. The Italian owner, Franco Ambrouzo, applies his own methodology to ice-cream preparation and since 2005, when his gelateria first opened, he has managed to make a difference.

This is due to the use of pure and fresh ingredients, hand-picked by himself, and due to the small size of production –he makes all the ice-cream himself– thus achieving top quality. The fruity flavours come form fresh seasonal fruit and not artificial colours and aromas (when a fruit is out of season, the particular flavour is not available), while flavours such as mille-feuille and cheesecake are first prepared as regular sweets and then as ice-cream.

On the menu the stracciatella, gianduja, mille-feuille and various creams stand out.

Open all year round
Daily: 12.00-23.00