Kalamatianos Seafood Restaurant
Kalamatianos Seafood Restaurant
Kalamatianos Seafood Restaurant

Although located 80 km from Thessaloniki centre, Kalamatianos seafood restaurant with 42 years of experience in the field is an ideal opportunity for an excursion in the area of Stavros (on the way to Mount Athos). Boasting a privileged location near the sea, surrendered in the waters of Strymonian Gulf in Milies area, Kalamatianos restaurant is the most notable option in the area for fresh fish and seafood

In its lush green garden and elegant modern environment, the traditional Greek seafood cuisine is enhanced by the touches of chef Christos Gremos. The menu is enriched with creative dishes as well as classic proposals from Athos cuisine (you will not find anywhere else these recipes) –due to its proximity with Mount Athos–, the secrets of which were "revealed" by the monk Epiphanius both to the chef and the restaurant's owner Mr. Panagiotis Zacharopoulos –second generation owners. 

Your memorable lunch or dinner at Kalamatianos restaurant starts with one of the original salads on the menu, such as the roe from Messolongi on green salad with citrus aromas or the kritama pickle, gathered from cliffs of Strymonian Gulf with feta and tomato frame, which are ideally combined with any of its fine appetizers: ospriada velute with olives, stamnotyri and truffle, Sfakia pie with honey sauce and roasted sesame or Greek PDO cheeses like Sfela of Messinia.

When it comes to the main course, from the chef's suggestions you should definitely try the cod fillet in cornmeal crust with sweet and sour fig sauce and potato chips, the sole fillets with bulgur, shrimp and bisque, the tsiladia cod (a traditional 200 years old Messinian recipe that takes on new life with a more modern twist), as well as the wheat, mullet fillet with goat cheese and noumboulo from Corfu. 

Monastic cuisine has a special place both in the restaurant menu, and in the soul of its owner and chef, so it is worth trying some of its recipes. Those that stand out include the dusky grouper in onion sauce, the octopus soup, the cuttlefish pasta and the octopus in wine.

Open summer season only
Daily: 12.00-00.00 (May- late September)
From €12-24/person (glass of wine included)
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