White Tower
White Tower
White Tower
White Tower

The White Tower, a monumental symbol of Thessaloniki, is by far the city's most visited sight. Standing proud on the waterfront, you will admire its stone cylindrical structure.

Although the exact date of construction is unknown, it is almost certain to date back to the late 15th century after the Ottoman conquest of Thessaloniki. It replaced an earlier Byzantine tower, mentioned by the Archbishop of Thessaloniki, Eustathios, in his account of the 1185 Norman siege of the city. Throughout its long history, the Tower has changed names and uses. In the 18th century it was called the "Fortress of Kalamaria", while in the 19th century it was known as "Tower of the Yenitsari", "Tower of Blood" or "Bloody Tower".

Today the Tower is home to the Museum of Byzantine Culture exhibition which details the city's history. Cylindrical in shape, it stands 33.90 metres high and 22.70 metres in diameter. It has a ground floor plus six additional floors where guided tours are conducted. On the top floor you can enjoy tasty dishes, snacks, coffee and drinks while taking in the spectacular view.

Open all year round
Daily: 09.00-16.00 (1 November- 31 March), 08.00- 20.00 (7 April- 31 October)
€4 (1 November- 31 March), €8, €4 (reduced)