Local Products

In a city renowned for its excellent culinary delicacies, you should not leave without trying, and buying, the flavors that are found only here, or at least whose production originated here before spreading throughout Greece.

One of the most famous is the Thessaloniki bun. You can find it in its original version at the street vendors in Tsimiski Street and Aristotelous Square. Crispy, crunchy and topped with sesame seeds, you will discover for yourself that one is never enough.

For breakfast, try the famous bougatsa which is reputed all over the country. Bougatsa is a pie made with handmade pastry and stuffed with cream, cheese, minced meat or spinach. The most sought after is the cream one spingled with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

The sweet temptations that stand out most are the tsoureki of Terkenlis (try it with chocolate filling or chestnut), the famous trigona Panoramatos of Elenidis (with delicious cream pastry), the traditional kazan dipi (made with buffalo milk based on a recipe from Asia Minor) and syrup pastry of Chatzis, the tempting pourakia of Hatzifotiou (with chocolate filling) and the fluffy millefeuilles of Konstantinidis.