Local Thessaloniki
Local Thessaloniki
Local Thessaloniki
Local Thessaloniki
Local Thessaloniki

The most popular bar restaurant in Thessaloniki. Local Thessaloniki is one of the most loved all day spots in the heart of the city more specifically at the shopping centre.

With fine raw material, the chef and his crew who take care that everything served is excellent and a kitchen open to all, Local Thessaloniki proposes a sophisticated and unique menu. Here, the friends of tasty food will find an honest kitchen, nicely served dishes and delicious, exquisite recipes.

A high-ceilinged room with wooden furniture and floors beautifully reminiscent of another era, natural light, a wall dedicated to wine and a team dedicated to good service is the new proposal of Local Thessaloniki. Among its strong points are also its authentic espresso (one of the best in the city) and the list of unique wines from Greek vineyards.

Locals can host their first appointment of the day over a fresh rich breakfast and coffee, whose aroma is alluring. You can stay for wine or a lunch break, and come back again later for dinner or a drink! It will definitely become an all day long hangout because of its friendly and tasteful environment, as well as for the fact that whatever you sample here will instantly rank among your favorites
Open all year round
Daily: 08.00-late, 10.00-01.00 (kitchen)
From €9/person, €3.50 (freddo cappuccino), €7.50 (drinks), €6.50 (cocktails)