Magic Park
Magic Park
Magic Park
Magic Park
Magic Park

Magic Park is the largest fun park for people of all ages. Located outside the city center, on the way to the airport, opposite Mediterranean Cosmos Mall, it has a variety of rides and activities for everyone.

For the courageous there is the Flash Tower (free fall from 40 meters), 4G (acceleration four times greater than the force of gravity), Montagna (high speed roller coaster) and Crazy Dance (insane twirl), while the less adventurous can choose from the Carousel, the Panoramic Wheel, the Bumper Cars, the Ghost Train, etc.

Those with specialist skills can indulge in activities such as fishing, water shooting, remote-controlled boats, virtual football etc. Children visiting to the park can try the Elephants (Flying Elephants), the Mini Carousel, the Baby Cart, the Bumping Boats (on the water) and other fun rides. The park also has restaurants and a specially designed playground.

When the weather is bad or for a few months in winter the park may be closed. Therefore, you should check first that it is open before visiting.

Open summer season only
Friday: 16.00-23.30, Saturday: 16.00-00.30, Sunday: 11.00-00.30 (for school trips, the park is open daily in the morning on request)
€8 (high school and senior high school students, people up to 59 years old), €5 (children over 1 m tall, pupils and seniors over 60), free for children up to 1 m tall and for wheelchair users with a companion