Mia feta-Feta Bar

A truly original concept bar, the likes of which you will not come across in Thessaloniki. Mia feta-Feta Bar on Pavlou Mela Street in the commercial center of the city opened in October 2012 and has managed to become a notable all day spot.

Although the exterior resembles a traditional dairy shop, on entering the interior you will see that it is something more than that, namely a taste+shop stop. It goes without saying that you can find all kinds of dairy products on the shelves (all of which are manufactured on farms in Grevena, and the milk arrives fresh daily) including cheese, yoghurt, milk and sour milk.

What makes this place stand out is that you can sit on a high stool at the counter and order the cheese of your choice as well as try it (whatever is sold is also served), and enjoy it with wine as well as sample any of the original dishes such as nettle risotto with feta foam or some other cheese based delicacy from the kitchen, including flakes etc. Everything is served in an original way and with inspired presentation -for instance, feta with orange, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds- encouraging you to return again and again.

Open all year round
Daily: 08.30-02.30, kitchen until: 00.30
From €7-10/person (with a glass of wine), €3.40 (glass of wine), €2 (cappuccino)
American Express, MasterCard, Visa