One day excursion to Pozar Baths-Aridaia

One day excursion to Pozar Baths-Aridaia

Pozar Baths is one of the most popular destinations in Northern Greece, in particular for those visiting Thessaloniki. It is in the Pella prefecture, 13 km from Aridaia and 109 km from the Maiden of the Thermaikos. Its mountain springs have been gushing therapeutic thermal waters for thousands of years, the temperature of which has remained at a constant 37 degrees Celsius.

The springs are located at a height of 360-390 meters and are "fueled" by rain water, which after penetrating the ground is heated and enriched with minerals and other nutrients. The healing properties of the waters are helpful for respiratory and circulatory diseases, rheumatic and skin diseases, while drinking the water is beneficial for the liver, the kidneys, the bile etc.

For many it is considered to be a paradise on earth, which is not unlike a Swiss spa. Here you will find hotels, restaurants, bars and locker rooms to enjoy all the comforts around the Baths. Apart from the springs, the Baths' canyon (ideal for walking and hiking) and the cave park are worth visiting in the surrounding area.

Zorpidis Travel Services (tel. 2310 244400, offers you the opportunity to relax in the Pozar Baths on a day trip.