One day excursion to Vergina

One day excursion to Vergina

At a distance of 80 km from Thessaloniki, very close to Veria and Naoussa, one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Greece and the most significant in the wider region of Macedonia awaits you to explore it.

The small town of Imathia Prefecture became world famous in 1977 when the excavations unearthed many royal funerary monuments, including the unpillaged tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. At the foothills of Pierian Mountains, Aigai was the first capital of ancient Macedonia, where Vergina is today.

The most important attraction is the Royal Tombs in the ancient necropolis of Aigai. On the site of excavations at the Great Tumulus there is the impressive Museum of Royal Tombs, built beneath the earth and covered externally with soil. Passing its entrance, you'll feel that you are found in another era. Among the many exhibits, those that stand out include the golden larnax with the Macedonian star that contained the bones of King Philip II and the golden wreath.

Apart from the Royal Tombs, at the archaeological site of Vergina there are also the Ancient Theatre, the Eucleia sanctuary and the Palaces. travel agency organises one day excursions to Vergina.