Telloglou Residence
Telloglou Residence
Telloglou Residence

On April 2016 the residence where Aliki Telloglou lived for more than 40 years in the heart of Thessaloniki, located on the fourth floor of the apartment building on 2 Aristotelous square, above the Olympion, opened to the public.

Nestor and Aliki Telloglou moved here in 1965, a few years after their marriage, and Mrs Telloglou called this place “home” even after the passing of her husband, until 2008.

The residence’s walls were always decorated with works of art and the rooms decorated with beautiful furniture and rare ornaments from the past and places far away. The Telloglou couple was famous for collecting works made by both Greek and European artists. In these premises, among books and works of art, affording an amazing view to the sea from the most privileged balcony in the city, Aliki Telloglou welcomed her friends and companions to share her vision for the creation of the Telloglou Foundation (1971) and the donation of her collection.

The residence’s interior is adorned with works of famous Greek artists such as Gyzis, Floras, Maleas, Lytras, Parthenis, Kontoglou, Bouzianis, Eggonopoulos, Spyropoulos etc. This rare place attracts art lovers since it hosts a program of activities including tours, exhibitions, seminars for artists and other events, offering a unique opportunity to wander around its premises and find out more about its history.

Open all year round
30-minute tours (on demand and on priority basis) every Wednesday 18.00-19.00
Tour cost: €5