One day excursion to Drama

One day excursion to Drama

After about an hour and a half drive from Thessaloniki you will approach Drama, the capital of Drama prefecture in eastern Macedonia. It owes its name, (Hydrama-Dyrama), to the waters that flow in the region which you will see for yourselves. Among the places you should visit are the Santa Barbara Springs, which is now the center of the city's cultural life, and the impressive mansions in the district as well as the buildings on 25th Martiou Street, Kountouriotou Street, Averof Street, Megalou Alexandrou Street, etc.

You should not miss the opportunity to visit the Public Gardens, a true oasis of green in the city center, and the Mylopotamou Dramas Aquarium (5 km from the city center) on the way to Aggitis Cave, which you will also visit later. Complete your excursion to Drama with a stop at Falakro Ski Resort.

Zorpidis Travel Services organizes one day excursions to Drama that include a visit to the Alistratis Cave.

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