One day excursion to Florina

One day excursion to Florina

Florina is located 202 km from Thessaloniki center. Built on the shores of the Sakouleva river, the capital of the Florina prefecture is sure to captivate you.

Your acquaintance with it will start with a walk along the paved Eleftherias Avenue, the most beautiful and most characteristic street in the city, where you will admire the old mansions along both sides of the river. It stands out for its Macedonian architecture and vibrant colors.

Enjoy your coffee at one of the cafes housed in the mansions and then head to the Public Market, also known as the Old Bazaar. From there go to Agios Panteleimon hill to enjoy panoramic city views. At the top (a path will lead you there after 45 minutes) you will see the imposing Cross, which was erected following a decision by the bishop Augustine.

Zorpidis Travel Services organizes one day excursions to Florina with a stop in Nimfaio, from €15.

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