One day excursion to Lake Kerkini & Poroia

One day excursion to Lake Kerkini & Poroia

The artificial lake Kerkini in the Serres prefecture is located 98 km north of Thessaloniki and 35 km from Serres. Constructed in 1932 as part of the Strymonas river dam, it is now a protected wetland which spreads between 54,250-72,110 sq.m, depending on the season. What impresses visitors, apart of the magical aquatic scenery, are the riparian vegetation, the water lilies and the abundance of fish.

The closest village to the lake is Ano Poroia, one of the most picturesque in the county. Built at the foot of Mount Beles, it is located northwest of the lake and offers panoramic views. When visiting you should take time to notice the prevailing Macedonian architecture, take a stroll in the square, sample local flavors (you should definitely try water buffalo meat) and indulge in various activities such as horseback riding, hiking etc. (for more information contact the reception at Viglatoras Traditional Guesthouse, tel +30 23270 51231,

Zorpidis Travel Services organizes one day excursions to Lake Kerkini and Poroia, from €10.

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