Papillon Coloré
Papillon Coloré
Papillon Coloré

A delightful place on central Mitropoleos street, introduces you to the world of sweet sins. The design will draw your attention as the black and white floor and the elegant showcases are dominant.

However, if you enter the Papillon Coloré world, you will find more reasons to love it. They feature more than 150 kinds of their famous chocolates, both their own production and imported from Belgium (nougat)! Quite tempting are also the cupcakes and the fresh macarons, the cake pops and the butter cookieswith sugarpaste. There is also a wide variety of sugar-free (chocolates, pralines, biscuits, jams, etc.) and gluten-free (chocolates, soft nougat, etc.) products. A delicious experience that should be not missed are the chocolate bars of their own production, where you can choose any chocolate you desire, such as milk, white, dark (72% cocoa) combined with nuts, dried fruit and more unique flavours, including peppers, chili, ginger, lavender, salt, rose, goji, cranberries.

Papillon Coloré has also two branches, one in New Moudania in Halkidiki and one at Genesis Clinic in Pylaia. On the ground floor of the clinic, there is a tiny shop featuring the full range of its products; chocolates, wrapped treats, pralines, nuts, dried fruit, sugar-free products. The highlights here include the chocolate baby treats, the pralines and the unique compositions, charms and objects always combined with sweet temptations to make a one-of-a-king gift to the new mommy and her baby.

Open all year round
Monday-Saturday: 09.00-21.30, Sunday: 10.00-21.30
€15/kilo (chocolates)
American Express, Diners, MasterCard, Visa