Paraty & Loft
Paraty & Loft
Paraty & Loft
Paraty & Loft
Paraty & Loft

One of the most unique –if not the only- spaces in Thessaloniki. Paraty, in Ladadika, is a place that from the very first moments "oozes" personality, love and passion. Certainly, one of its unrivalled strengths is its decoration. Inspiration stars in every corner and the visitor feels like he is in a house of two floors that embraces anyone who stands out for their aesthetics. The talented Efi Giosma, who can create nothing else but inspired spaces, has tended this place.

In Paraty, which is named after the eponymous village in Brazil, you can enjoy from early in the morning aromatic coffee, a rich variety of wines, especially from the Greek vineyard, and pure drinks and cocktails.

This season is defined by many new entries that will elevate its status even higher. For starters, the Mix of Ages cocktail list which is comprised of 13 classic and another 13 suggestions that revive those classics today and signed by Elias Konstantinidis and Angelos Balafas. Its second concept is called Eau de Perfumeria de Salonique. It is also all about cocktails and is housed in the Loft upstairs. It is based on an idea of Petros Karabourniotis that enchanted the uneasy minds of Angelos and Elias. The result was the establishment of the first perfumeria in Thessaloniki, which invites you to drink your favourite… fragrances in a glass. 

The Egg Project has nothing to do with cocktails and is a wonderful brunch menu that is served every weekend from 11.00 to 15.00. As you may have understood already the star of the menu is none other than the egg!

Open all year round
Daily: 09.00-late
€3.80 (freddo cappuccino), €7 (drink), from €4 (glass of wine), from €7.5 (cocktail)