It all began in 1947, when grandfather Savvikos made the juiciest souvlaki known for the first time! His legacy has been kept alive until today with love and respect for his valuable recipes, maintaining their authenticity, unaltered with the passing of time.

Today, with five stores in Thessaloniki, Savvikos continues to provide the public with the flavours that have loved for 60 years. In the heart of the city, in Aristotelous Square, the historic Savvikos store serves incredible flavours and aromas of fresh local grilled meats to the passers-by and travellers. Visit Savvikos store on Polytechniou Street for a delicious sandwich after your night out, the one on Lambraki Street to celebrate the victory of your favourite team or take comfort for your team's loss in a juicy burger. Visit Savvikos at the One Salonica Mall for a tasty break from shopping or visit the new entry in Evosmos on the west side of the city. Five unique flavour points that are constantly enriched with new dishes.

Authentic, Greek traditional dishes made with the purest ingredients that nature produces attract all those who are after a quick but delicious bite to eat. All these with the three basic principles that Savvikos follows all these years: excellent quality, intact traditional flavours, respect for the customer. Source:

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