Sugar Angel

At Sugar Angel workshop & coffee they love pure, quality ingredients, fresh butter, sugar, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and fresh fruit. They love the hours of devotion at the workshop, the buzzing of the mixers, the rush of baking, experimenting with various methods, the endless research for new products, styles and packaging options. Most of all, however, they appreciate and wish for happy customers. These have been increasing in number ever since 2009 when the cafe-confectionery opened.

In this place, that brings a French bistro or the sweetest house in the world to mind, you will go to buy or have fresh cupcakes, made with love and care, inventiveness and good taste, incomparable biscuits whose famous signature is sought out at christenings, weddings, children's parties, birthdays and other events that bring more joy to our lives. The unique cakes with designs that will excite everybody's imagination are a highlight.

The dessert menu is boosted with new creations by Aggeliki Meimari. The Chocolate Oreo, Noisette and Caramel Peanut cakes will create serious dilemmas to the fans of best sellers Red Velvet and Cheesecake!

Open all year round
Monday-Friday: 09.00-22.00, Saturday: 09.00-21.00, Sunday: 11.00-20.00
€3,50 (chocolate beverage), €3,20 (red velvet cupcake)