Teloglion Foundation of Art

Art lovers have every reason to visit the Teloglion Foundation of Art, close to the north entrance of Aristotle University campus.

Most of its exhibits come from the Teloglou family donation, which was the reason why it was founded in 1972. The collection includes works of art from various cultures: statuettes mostly from the Hellenistic period, Corinthian, Hellenistic and Roman pottery, Persian miniatures, samples of Arabic and Chinese art, and Thai woodwork.

The core of the collection are works by important 19th and 20th century Greek and European artists, including oil paintings, water colors, drawings, engravings, sculptures. Also worth mentioning is the remarkable Panos Valsamakis' collection of ceramic works.

The foundation also hosts works by 19th century Greek artists provided through the recent donations by Tony and Ioanna Spiteri, George Mourelos and the collection of Dimitrios Tsamis, as well as donations by artists.

Also, you can visit the newest member of the Teloglion family in the city center, the Small Teloglion, where you can browse and buy books, ornaments, jewelry, gifts and useful items from a wide range of products which were produced in conjunction with exhibitions hosted by the Telloglion Foundation (32, Karolou Dil Street, tel. +30 2310 224785, e-mail:

Open all year round
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 09.00-14.00, Wednesday: 09.00-14.00 & 17.00-21.00, Saturday, Sunday: 10.00-18.00
€5, €2.50 (reduced)