The bar L.A.B.
The bar L.A.B.

"The whisky bar", the same team of Spinte didn’t just open a new Spinte, but a bar that redefines the area’s standards paying great attention to the selection of coffee, cocktails, wine and cuisine. This is none other than The bar L.A.B. in Kalamaria

The coffee blend was chosen after numerous tastings and features a highly complex volatile flavour profile, while the cocktails and the entire list was edited by Alexandros Sourmpatis, the bar manager of Spinte, with the design entirely by hand by Giorgos Skarakis. Its orientation focuses clearly on rum and tiki culture, while there are other spirit combinations covering all tastes.

Justifying the name LAB, some cocktails have been processed and "cooked", while others are influenced by its cuisine, which is also the main "ally". Strawberry Daiquiri with mustard syrup and mediterranean Negroni with Skinos mastic made with strawberries are two characteristic examples. 

The wines and their selection was made by the head bartender of The bar L.A.B., Giorgos Mandravelis. They come mainly from the Greek vineyards with a few international touches. Every Thursday of each month they select a winery which is financed with €3 a glass and €15 a bottle with a selection of cheeses from around the world.

Michalis Moraitis is the master of the kitchen, which features mainly tapas, so as to promote the culture of the restaurant’s guests sharing food. They address not only traditional flavours, but also fusion influences with shrimp skewers in marinade anticucho and baby potatoes with Domokos katiki cheese and avruga being strong assets.

Open all year round
Daily: 09.00- 03.00
€3.50 (cappuccino), €7.50 (drink)
American Express, Diners, MasterCard, Visa