Vogatsikou 3
Vogatsikou 3
Vogatsikou 3
Vogatsikou 3
Vogatsikou 3

Straight-up bar, that is included in the top ten bars of those who love drinks and cocktails, and with a good reason. Where the historic Bel Air used to be (the old sign of which is found at the "foot" of the bar and bears witness of the past) and on the exact street that reveals its name, Vogatsikou 3 is an all-day cafe bar that seems to perfectly profess the philosophy of quality services.

Wood dominates its space along with the big bar that actually plays the leading role on the first floor. A few stairs lead to a second... more secluded and quieter floor where one of its walls is "decorated" with refrigerators to preserve wine and champagne at the right temperature. Of course there are outside tables and stands, since the beautiful coastal road is "lurking" in the corner being always an ideal choice.

Here you will come in the morning to enjoy your coffee and a bite to eat, but also during the day for a lunch break since the menu includes excellent suggestions in comfort food, such as salads, sandwiches, pasta, burgers, pizza and sweet temptations such as donuts and bougatsa. It is worth mentioning that everything -except for bougatsa- are prepared here.

The food, however, is a complementary to your drink as well. Besides, the latter is the core of Vogatsikou 3. Behind the bar we find Giannis Kedes, owner & head bartender, who in addition to his extensive experience in the field has excellent knowledge of hospitality.

Lovers of spirits will meet in the best way their need for a space that "educates" without effort and that charms without intention. Classic cocktails, long drinks, moktails, wines from the Greek vineyard and champagnes make up the list and raise the bar of entertainment high.

The music moves in funky, disco and soul rhythms with DJs perfectly completing the puzzle of Vogatsikou 3.

Open all year round
Monday-Thursday: 09.00-03.00, Friday-Saturday: 09.00-03.30, Sunday: 10.00-03.00
€3.50 (freddo cappuccino), €6.50 (drink), from €8.5 (cocktails)
American Express, MasterCard, Visa