Yahundi Hammam (Baths of the Jews)

Known as Bazaar Hammam, the Market Baths are located in the very center of Thessaloniki in the Louloudadika district, between Komninon Street, Fragini Street and Vasileos Irakliou Street. These are one of the most important baths built in the city during the Turkish occupation. Erected just before 1500 as a tribute to Halil Aga, they were in use until 1912.

Divided into two parts (the one for men is bigger and taller than the one for women), they bear the traits of Ottoman baths architecture and were built with stones and bricks.

Imitating Byzantine architecture, the interior is richly decorated with stalactites and stenciled decorations. During the fire of 1917 they suffered significant damage, and in the 19th century work carried out on the building affected its design. Today it hosts cultural events.